Care Assistant

Job Description

The Company is committed to offering equal opportunities and non-discriminatory procedures and practices against all forms of discrimination which are not acceptable.  These are:  age, sex, sexual orientation, race, disability, religious belief, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity.  All employees of the Company are obliged to respect and act in accordance with the Company Policies and Procedures.

Job Title:                                           Care Assistant

Reports to:                                       Home Manager

Minimum Qualifications:             QCF Level 2 in Health & Social Care or currently working towards it

Responsible for:                             Providing safe and effective care


Person Specification


  • The Care Assistant will hold a Level 2 in Health & Social Care or be currently working towards it.
  • Willing to participate in continuous improvement and vocational training programmes
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Health & Social Care Act 2008


  • Able to demonstrate an ability to manage pressure, prioritise tasks and communicate effectively at all levels
  • Have a genuine interest and experience of working within a care environment


  • Work effectively as a team player
  • Demonstrate care and compassion
  • Ability to communicate effectively at all levels
  • Required to work in a physically and mentally demanding environment


The company is registered for several categories of care.  As a quality operator, it is essential that the Care Assistant recognises and accepts that this means always acting in a sensitive and professional manner for the best interest of the organisation and our residents.

The job title is as stated in the Contract Statement and generally the duties will be appropriate to that title, qualifications and experience.


Overall Purpose:

To work responsibly and co-operatively to provide care for the residents under the guidance and supervision of the Person-in-Charge (eg Nurse, Team Leader or Senior Care Assistant).   To work co-operatively and communicate effectively to undertake other activities that assist in the running of the home.

To ensure residents consistently receive the highest standards of safe, professional and empathic care, whilst maintaining their privacy and dignity.  To ensure people are treated fairly at all times; to uphold their dignity and protect the privacy of residents in the home.  To update their knowledge and skills to meet legislative and best practice changes, in accordance with the required training and to embrace a culture of continuous learning and development.


Key tasks - Care

To ensure the highest levels of bespoke care is provided to all residents in every respect of daily living.

In line with the Team Leader role:

  • Support all residents to lead as full a life as possible, using individual care plans to provide person-centred care
  • Assist residents in all aspects of their care needs (eg physical, emotional etc) whilst ensuring they retain their comfort and dignity
  • Identify relevant activities for engagement and balance the right level of support needs with independence
  • Assist with the admission of new residents in a way that puts the new resident at the heart of the service and complies with all procedures
  • Respect resident’s right to confidentiality, protecting and upholding their privacy and dignity
  • Show consideration, respect and sensitivity for residents’ property
  • Be vigilant and accurately report physical and/or emotional changes in residents.
  • Show consideration, respect and sensitivity for residents’ property
  • Continuously improve the quality of the care and support provided by constantly reflecting on and updating own knowledge, skills and experience
  • Work responsibly when accompanying residents on visits outside of the Home
  • Work to the Codes of Practice set down by the NI Social Care Council



To communicate effectively with clarity, empathy and respect for others in all forms of communication and to all recipients

  • Promote the wellbeing of people who need care and support
  • Show enthusiasm and interest wen showing prospective residents and their families around the home, ensuring detailed requirements are agreed and accurately and future use
  • Develop excellent rapport and be polite, welcoming and courteous to residents, relatives and visitors
  • Interact effectively with external agencies
  • Ensure all accidents and incidents are recorded and communicated appropriately; in a timely and precise manner as per company procedures
  • Promote, ensure and maintain the good reputation of the Care Home and the Company
  • Understand the importance of correct record management and own personal responsibilities in maintaining this through passwords, storage of documentation and sharing information (both paper-based or on electronic systems)
  • Report breeches of records security to the line manager or home manager.



Work co-operatively as a team member and be accountable for own duties and responsibilities as well as the impact on others within the team

  • Live and promote the Company Mission statement at all times
  • Support the Home manager and team to promote the Home and deliver excellent care, service, safety and profitability
  • Be flexible and adaptable in participating in other jobs which are necessary for the smooth running of the home and the safety of the residents
  • Work co-operatively to cover colleagues’ duties resulting from additional workload, sickness and holidays
  • Embrace and respect the diversity and style of all team members and treat all people with fairly
  • Promote mutual trust and show consideration of the impact your behaviour may have on others
  • Support an environment of continuous learning and share knowledge and skills with others
  • Follow the Employee Handbook and Company Policies and Procedures
  • To work within the company’s Information Governance policies in order to maintain security of personal and sensitive data


Health & Safety

To implement safety practices in line with legislation and company policies and procedures and to promote these methods with all staff

In line with the Team Leader role:

  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion by treating all people fairly and without bias
  • Complete and update all mandatory training and ensure compliance at all times
  • Comply with all relevant legislation and company policies and procedures to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all residents, their visitors and colleagues
  • Comply with company policies and procedures in relation to infection control and prevention
  • Ensure the security of the home is maintained at all times
  • Ensure all accidents and incidents are communicated in a timely and precise way as per company procedures


This Job Description indicates only the main duties and responsibilities of the post.  It is not intended as an exhaustive list.