Ready Eggs Products



1975 saw the start of shell egg production and packing at the Lisnaskea site.  Known as Erne Eggs Ltd, Charles Crawford established the company as a producer of shell egg for the wholesale market.

Diversification into egg products commenced in 2002 with the acquisition of the Lisburn-based liquid egg processing facility, Gracey’s.

In 2004 the Lisburn plant was closed and a new facility opened in Lisnaskea to enable continued expansion in liquid egg products. The company was then known as Quality Egg Products.

In 2007 the company became known as Ready Egg Products Ltd. An alliance was formed with Greenfield Foods, the largest producer and packer in the Republic of Ireland. Greenfield Foods owns shares in Ready Egg Products.

In 2007 the company branched out into the Republic of Ireland and took over one of their competitors, Irish Egg Products.

Irish Egg Products produced liquid and hard boiled eggs. In 2009 the company closed the operation in Dublin and moved production to a new facility in Lisnaskea. Irish Egg Products owns shares in Ready Egg Products.

In 2014 egg mayonnaise mix production (a by-product of hardboiled eggs) commenced.

In 2014/5, a £7m investment was made in a modern and efficient liquid processing plant in the heart of England, Markham Vale in Chesterfield.

In 2016 a £3m investment was made in a new state of the art packing centre in Lisnaskea.

In 2016 liquid egg production in 1 litre packs commenced.

In 2017 scrambled egg production commenced.

In 2018 a second hard-boiled egg production line has been installed to increase capacity for hard-boiled egg orders.

In 2022 our new powdered egg plant will be commissioned.  This will be the only plant of its kind in the UK & Ireland.