Whether you are a recruiter seeking new talent or a candidate seeking new opportunities, My Ireland Jobs is the perfect platform, providing inclusive solutions.

As part of the network, My Ireland Jobs works collaboratively with employers to ensure vacancies are promoted effectively to an audience of relevant candidates. At present, our job board global reach is in excess of an incomprehensible 60 million applicants.

Providing a helping hand to employers, My Ireland Jobs offers a comprehensive product portfolio that is easily implemented, that is sure to deliver results. 

Job Postings

My Ireland Jobs offers 28-day job postings. We recognise some recruiters require regular posting of job vacancies. For these recruiters, we offer a cost-effective, bulk purchasing service, that will save time and money for busy employers. 

Candidate Database

My Ireland Jobs recognises that not all jobs are easily filled. To combat this, we provide a candidate database that contains the CVs of applicants that have opted to make their details public. Availing of this service will allow recruiters a detailed insight into candidate’s profiles, permitting them to search for the perfect match.  

Featured Client

Maximum exposure leads to maximum interest. To generate the highest leads for your brand, as well as your vacancies, My Ireland Jobs offer a featured client service. This package provides your company with maximum exposure on our site, through visibility on our home page and within our recruiter directory. Please Contact our team. if you are interested in this featured client service.


My Ireland Jobs are advocates for maximising exposure. We offer a number of attractive banner advertising slots on our sites. Please Contact our team if you are interested in this service.