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Creating a CV can be a time-consuming, trying task. From the initial content stages, to the structuring and order, it can become stressful and all-consuming. A CV is essentially a representation of all you have to offer to an employer, so it is important to get it right and stand out from the crowd.

Equally, scanning and examining CV’s can be a trailing task for employers. The influx of job interest is a brilliant occurrence but one that comes with many hours of considered research. Being able to recognise the stand-out CV’s is a talent in itself and one that comes from dedicated experience. 

Whether you are a recruiter or a job seeker, we have you covered with top tips and tricks to look out for to guarantee success.

Keep it to a minimum

Some job seekers are lucky enough to hold a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. This is great and it is important to showcase this but also not go overboard on the information. It is recommended that a CV does not surpass 2 A4 pages (1 double sided page), even better if you can fit it on one page!

Frankly, recruiters do not have the time to spend hours reading through a lengthy portfolio of experience for each job candidate. The average time spent scanning a single CV in the initial stages of recruitment is a mere 6 seconds so it is crucial to keep the information clear, concise and relevant.

If you are one of these widely experienced professionals, don’t fret! The insight will not go unrecognised. Save it for the interview process and showcase your skills and experience in as much detail as you are permitted. Blow them away!

Modify your CV to be role specific

It can be easy for job seekers to spend time on their CV and consider it done. Yes, it may be impressive but employers will be actively seeking candidates that tailor their CV to suit the job description in question.

Modifying your CV not only shows a level of interest in the role, it also showcases the research you have done into the company prior to application. Recruiters will be scanning numerous CV’s so it is important to do everything you can to stand out and be noticed.

Design matters

The eye is in the detail when it comes to CV design. When placed in a pile, it is important to ensure your CV will catch the attention of the reader. When we say this, we do not mean tacky, unprofessional designs, we mean, classy, creative and organised design. No need to panic if you are not a graphic design whiz either, there are numerous design packages online on hand to help you with the process, including a personal favourite, Canva.

Get noticed!

We are now living in a candidates market when it comes to recruitment. Across numerous industries, we can see the demand for new talent. Whilst you may keep a tight eye on job vacancies, there is a chance you will not see everything that may be of interest to you.

This is where My Ireland Jobs come in. The benefits of promoting yourself through a job board is second to none. Essentially, you are making your profile available to all employers across your industry of interest.

You are very used to going to them but what is to say employers won’t want to come to you! Start your recruitment journey today with My Ireland Jobs. Get in touch with our team to discuss the widespread opportunities available.

Be Confident!

We could go on forever with top tips for creating a showstopping CV. It is undoubtable that there are endless areas in which you can improve and excel. Incidentally, it is crucial that you are constantly researching CV trends to ensure you are remaining up to date in the job market. 

Keep in touch with our industry insights blog for all the top tips.


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