Job Hunting Tips & Tricks

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Job Hunting Tips & Tricks

Job hunting is not an easy task. There are many levels to the process and it is important to remain updated on the best practices in order to succeed.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again!

Unsuccessful job applications can be extremely disheartening but it is important to not let it get you down. The job market is very competitive, especially now. Organisations are expecting more from applicants and in turn, applicants are becoming more accomplished and prepared.

Many job seekers go through numerous job applications before achieving a success letter. An optimistic way to look unsuccessful applications is to consider set backs as experiences that you will learn from, gaining insight to implement in future situations.

Request feedback!

We are now living in a fast-paced environment where a top priority today is a distant memory tomorrow. The recruitment process often has a rapid turnaround, with many companies failing to give detailed feedback to unsuccessful applicants, unless asked. 

The golden rule with both successful and unsuccessful job applications is to request feedback. This insight from an employer will massively assist you in future endeavours, allowing you to learn, evolve and expand your skillset.

Avoid crucial errors

When completing a CV, cover letter or job application, it is so important that all relevant details are correct. From dates, to contact details to experience, employers will be checking that your information is accurate and legitimate.

Not only is it important that this information is correct for the recruitment process, it is also important in showcasing your ability to deliver faultless work.

Leverage with LinkedIn

When job hunting, LinkedIn and My Ireland Jobs should be your best friends. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to build professional connections in your area of interest.

Updating your profile regularly with any career highlights is key. If you are connecting with relevant professionals, you are going to catch their attention and make them remember your name.

Employers will recognise names that are constantly appearing in their industry. Positioning yourself in this arena will help make a name for yourself, before even interviewing for a position.

Set up job alerts

My Ireland Jobs offers a bespoke job alerts service that allows you to tailor to your interests. Setting up these alerts guarantees you do not miss any relevant job advertisements and places you ahead of the competition in applying.

The job seeking hunt can become tedious and can result in a loss of motivation. Setting up these job alerts takes the task out of your hands, delivering important job vacancies in front of you, hassle free.

Get a professional headshot for your profiles

When updating your LinkedIn profile, first impressions are key, particularly when it comes to photographs. Avoid unprofessional profile pictures. These are likely to deter employers.

When viewing a LinkedIn profile, recruiters are actively looking for a poised individual, who has experience in the industry, as well as a sense of care for their professional appearance. Employers will admire your initiative by seeking out a professional headshot for LinkedIn.

Go beyond the brief in your research

A common mistake made by many applicants is to use the job description as a bible. Yes, it is important that you carefully consider the job description and ensure you have the skills and qualifications to meet the job specification. Yet, recruiters admire job seekers who go beyond the brief and conduct robust research into the company, showcasing this in their job application and interview.

Follow up after your interview

During the recruitment process, employers are likely to be completing numerous interviews in a short period of time. This can get quite exhausting and can lead to the recollection of interviews becoming hazy. 

Following up with your interviewer after your meeting is a nice touch and will not go unrecognised. This communication shows initiative and also your enthusiasm to get the job. Yet, it is important to ensure you are professional in this communication, and avoid being informal or demanding.

Keep in touch

Job hunting can be an extremely challenging process and it is important to keep up with the latest trends, tips and tricks in order to succeed. My Ireland Jobs is on hand to make the process easier for you. Keep in touch with our industry insights blog for all the top recruitment tips.

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