Blog to boost recruitment

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Blog to boost recruitment

In the modern era of online social sharing, blogging holds a massive opportunity for your company. With an overwhelming 4.6 billion people using social media in 2022, it is undoubtedly difficult to gain exposure and become a recognised and established name.

Incidentally, the power of blogging will give your company a competitive edge, boosting your products and services into the online community, as well as positioning your organisation as an attractive company to work for.

Boost your Website Traffic through Blogging

Consistency is key when it comes to online content for your company. Sharing blog posts on a regular basis will undoubtedly increase your website traffic, increasing your position in the online rankings and building an impressive name for your brand.

To achieve optimum website traffic, it is recommended that you research the data of your target market, customers and potential candidates. Doing this will outline a pattern, showcasing the age, location and areas of interest of your site visitors. Once this information is attained, you have the power to engage with your audience in a way that meets their interests and blogging is the perfect way to start.

Content is King

In our instantaneous world, remaining relevant is a tremendous task.

Many organisations are familiar with updating their website and social media platforms to remain relevant. Whilst this is necessary, it does not allow the flexibility to share a detailed insight into the functioning of the company.

Blogging provides your organisation with a platform to boost your reputation in the industry, promoting your adaptability with to the world. Sharing content through a blog allows your organisation to hold a direct line of communication with potential employees, ensuring they know exactly what your business is like and how best to approach trying to get a job there.

Brand Awareness through Blogging

The power of blogging can promote your organisation in many platforms. It is a prime location for explaining to your audience what it is you do and how you stand out against the competition.

Blogs allow you to go into comprehensive detail on the products and services you offer. Brand awareness is extremely important in the recruitment journey. When recruiting, many organisations receive lots of applications, many of which do not fit the role. This is often due to lack of understanding and brand awareness.

Holding a detailed blog on your website will allow interested applicants to gain an insight into your organisation, prior to applying. If they like what they see, great! If they find information that does not suit them, that is fine too and will reduce the likelihood of them applying to a job that is unsuitable to their experience or interests. 

Educate and Engage

Blogging provides an opportunity to educate your audience on matters that are important for your business. Whether you want to encourage the importance of sustainability or promote the benefits of incorporating employee wellbeing into your organisation, blogging allows you to share your opinion freely. There is a great opportunity to boost corporate social responsibility by sharing your internal values. Doing this may engage with a reader and create a potential candidate for your company.

Additionally, using your platform to blog about your products and services will ensure there is a more well-rounded understanding of your organisation. When candidates have a clear vision of what your company has to offer, they are more likely to hold similar values and beliefs.

Blog about what you do!

There is no better way to showcase all of the brilliant things your organisation does than through blogging. A blog provides an unfiltered, unlimited and underrated platform to shout about what you do, sharing your achievements, your improvements and your advancements.

Providing a detailed analysis about what your company does on a blog will invite readers, clients and potential candidates to experience an insight into the ideas and functioning of your organisation. This transparent awareness projected onto the reader will build a level of trust that is invaluable for any organisation.

Recruitment tips & tricks!

Recruitment can be an extremely challenging process and it is important to keep up with the latest trends, tips and tricks in order to succeed. By establishing important values and qualities within your organisation and showcasing this through your company blog, you can be sure to attract a suitable, interested candidate, who ticks the all-important boxes for your organisation.

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