The Perfect Candidate

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The Perfect Candidate: Is there Such Thing?

Let’s face it… is anybody really perfect? Certainly not. We all have this idealistic concept of reality when recruiting, expecting that ‘perfect’ candidate to walk through the doors and tick every single box. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and the process is a lot less straightforward.

Perfection isn’t everything and it is important you do not let the hunt for this cloud your vision. In the hiring process, there are some qualities of a promising candidate that you should always be on the hunt for. Recognising these qualities is crucial and can result in a successful recruitment for the vacancy.

Ability to work as part of a team, as well as autonomously

As the age old saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work” and this is particularly true in the workplace. Almost every single job out there requires a level of partnership between employees and departments.

Being able to confidently work as part of a team is a massive benefit in the hiring process and seeking out someone with this quality will be extremely worthwhile. On the other hand, it is equally important that a candidate has the ability and confidence to work autonomously, using their initiative to complete tasks and deliver solutions.

Drive to better their skillset

Everyday is a school day. The willingness to always learn, evolve and progress is an admirable skill that should be evident in a job candidate. In the ever-evolving society that we now live in, it is important to always hold a willingness to learn new things. Being resistant to change can result in falling behind the competition, which is detrimental to long-term success.

In recent times, we as a society have become proficient in adapting to change. Although it was seen as not ideal at the time, it can now be viewed as a positive consequence that can be beneficial and should be carried through life in every area, particularly job related.

Positive attitude to work

Holding a positive attitude is a valuable trait in all aspects of life. Being positive not only benefits the individual but also feeds onto those around them. This is particularly beneficial in a workplace setting, where positive mindsets can sometimes be lacking.

Positive attitudes spurs motivation and passion and this is a valuable asset for a candidate to boast.  

An understanding of your organisation

We are all familiar with the term ‘culture fit’ that organisations are always on the hunt for, that ideal candidate that ticks all their boxes. There is no set definition for culture fit, this is different for every business and often can be diverse between departments. What ‘fits’ for marketing, may be far from ideal for accounts.

When hiring, it is important that candidates have conducted their research into your organisation. Obviously they think that they fit the mould if they have applied to the role, so that is already a positive start.

The ideal situation would be to hire someone who understands and embraces the workplace, gets involved and strives to meet and exceed company goals.

A good communicator

Lastly, and likely the most important trait is the ability to communicate. A candidate who can effectively communicate with members of their team and external bodies is massively important.

It is crucial that staff can clearly get their message across, both verbally and in writing. Hiring someone who does not maintain skills in this particular area can be detrimental and massively impact job progression and performance.

Keep in touch

Job hunting can be an extremely challenging process and it is important to keep up with the latest trends, tips and tricks in order to succeed. By establishing important role qualities and seeking this out in candidates, you can be sure to hire someone who ticks the all-important boxes for your organisation.

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