Interview Top Tips & Tricks

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Interview Top Tips & Tricks

If you have stumbled across this blog, it is likely you have achieved an interview in the job application process. Congratulations to you!

Being prepared and confident are some of the most important qualities that an employer is looking for in 2022 and doing your research can almost guarantee this is visible during your interview. 

Research the company

Now this one is fairly obvious but it is surprising how many people go into an interview blind to the company background. This is a grave mistake and will be picked up by interviewers instantly and raise immediate alarm bells.

Firstly, researching the company is essential as it allows you as a job seeker to establish whether or not you would fit into the company culture. Secondly, when seeking a job candidate, employers are going to be looking out for people who are genuinely interested in their organisation. This is only visible if the interviewee is able to confidently speak about the company and its background.

Additionally, it is beneficial to do some external research, not only on the company itself but its industry and key competitors. Using your initiative to think outside the box will be valued and leave an impression on the interviewer.

Prepare yourself for unprecedented questions

We are all too familiar with the typical interview questions and likely will have answers prepared to rhyme off when asked. Unfortunately, you must expect the unexpected in a job interview and prepare for all eventualities.

Point out your strengths (and weaknesses)

Yes, an interview is about selling yourself to an employer, showcasing all of your amazing qualities and skills. This is expected and interviewers will be excited to hear about all these.

However, a refreshing discussion that is not often considered when interviewing is a candidates transparency of their limitations. This can be a nervy discussion to have with an interviewer as you do not want to sell yourself short but there will be a level of appreciation in pointing out areas that you are not completely confident in.

A brilliant way to deliver this is to share your limitations and offer a follow-up solution of how you can become better at this and how you are motivated to better your skillset.

Practice makes perfect

Like everything in life, practice makes perfect. Interviews can be difficult to practice but it is recommended that you take time to answer a wide variety of questions with another person, or even looking in your mirror. Doing this will get you in the mind frame for interview and reduce the chances of losing your train of thought or falling victim to nerves.

Be positive!

Every industry is finding it difficult at the moment. The post pandemic world is a lot different to what we once knew and organisations are still working to overcome the lasting impacts of this and will continue to do so for some time.

Do not give up!

Unsuccessful job interviews can be extremely disheartening but it is important to not let it get you down. The job market is very competitive, especially now. Organisations are expecting more from applicants and in turn, applicants are becoming more accomplished and prepared.

Many job seekers go through numerous job interviews before achieving a success letter. An optimistic way to look unsuccessful interviews is to consider setbacks as experiences that you will learn from, gaining insight to implement in future situations.

Request feedback!

We are now living in a fast-paced environment where a top priority today is a distant memory tomorrow. The recruitment process often has a rapid turnaround, with many companies failing to give detailed feedback to unsuccessful interviewees, unless asked.

The golden rule with both successful and unsuccessful job applications is to request feedback. This insight from an employer will massively assist you in future endeavours, allowing you to learn, evolve and expand your skillset.

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