Porter Bathroom Ltd


Beauty, utility & durability

At Porter we are inspired by respect. We respect the individuality of our clients by creating and curating a bathroom collection of exceptional breadth and choice. With a design language that is craft-led and restrained rather than ornate, we shape timeless pieces rather than following fashions. Each and every creation is dictated by the beauty and durability of the natural materials that inform the porter aesthetic.

Stone, wood and metal

These three elements inform everything that we do at porter. We articulate the innate beauty and strength of our natural materials though considered design and meticulous craftsmanship and invest our time in sourcing and finishing these elemental components.


Uncommon quality

For every piece that leaves our workshop, highly skilled craftsmen have hewn, hammered, planed and polished to create a finish of uncommon quality. The quiet satisfaction that you feel when you interact with a porter creation is a result of the organic harmony that we highlight between stone, wood and metal.