Praxis Care


About Praxis Care

Praxis Care is governed by a board of voluntary trustees, who come from a range of professional backgrounds and give freely of their time and expertise to support, guide and challenge the organisation to fulfil its purpose.


We are committed to helping those at risk of exclusion because of complexity of need.

Our approach is to help the person enhance their self-management skills, learn more effective ways of communication and manage the situation safely when behaviours do occur.

Where we work

Our Locations

Praxis Care is the largest registered care charity in Northern Ireland. We also provide services across Northern Ireland, Ireland, Great Britain and Isle of Man.


Supporting Individuals

We are dedicated to supporting individuals with mental ill health, learning disabilities, autism and dementia. We support over 1,500 adults and children in over 80 different locations and have a particular expertise in working with the most complex needs, where individuals face unique challenges to community living. We are growing in response to the high demand for our services and aim to expand to support 3000 individuals by 2025.


Adults and Children






Praxis Care provides services across a broad spectrum of service user needs. We provide support and accommodation approaches, which are shaped around the needs and preferences of the individual and reflects how they want to live their lives. We are acutely aware that getting the support and accommodation mix right for the individual is not an option but an essential foundation for sustained success.


At all levels of need we seek to identify the best solution available, with the service user and others who are important to them. This includes type and location of accommodation, who they live with and the support they need from our staff.

We are particularly motivated by our success in helping those with complex needs and who face the greatest challenges realise their ambitions of living in their own homes and being part of their communities.

We believe that complex needs should not prevent someone from having the opportunity of community living. Providing a person with the right living environment, with a person-centred support package, shaped around their needs and aspirations makes that possible and offers meaningful choice about the lives they lead.