Testall Ltd


Testall Limited provide a comprehensive testing service for the construction industry. We perform an extensive range of tests both on site and in the laboratory for soils, aggregates, bituminous materials and fresh and hardened concrete. To enquire about any of the further broad number of services we provide for our clients please contact us.

Established in 2015, Testall Limited has already developed a proven track record for consistently meeting and exceeding client expectations and contract requirements both in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. 

Following the success of Testall Limited in Newtownbutler, Co Fermanagh, Testall progressed to establish an office and laboratory in Co. Dublin to further facilitate its clients needs locally. Since its establishment Testall Limited has been involved in various construction contracts, infrastructure maintenance works, quarrying products certification and some of Ireland’s biggest Civil Engineering projects.

Big company strength, personal approach

Whilst we have the capability to offer a wide range of specialist services including physical, mechanical, chemical, electrical, thermal, hydraulic test properties etc., our staff are well managed to give our clients and their projects the right level of personal attention. This is what sets Testall apart - we operate with the resources of a big business but with the accountability of a small one.

This approach is possible due to a number of factors - Testall utilizes various resources, applications and in-house developed programs to ensure our team can strive to consistently deliver exceptional quality and timeliness across projects and locations. With an experienced management team, Testall has the capability and capacity to manage and meet contract requirements from initial site investigation stage to project hand-over. 

Ensuring an accountable and quality service

Appropriate use of technology aids in delivering an efficient service, but most importantly, we rely on the accountability of our people to establish trusting relationships with our clients. All projects are assigned project leaders to report on progress and address any issues. Client requirements and contract costs are always reviewed by senior members of staff to confirm client’s desires and to ensure no hidden costs. All Testall projects are peer reviewed at milestone points to minimize errors and ensure quality delivery.

This level of transparency has helped us maintain the same clients, over the past 3 years and across hundreds of different projects within our portfolio.

Building for the future

Testall whilst in its infancy has already developed a proven track record by consistently and repeatedly fulfilling client requirements. Just as important is staying ahead of the industry so that our clients can benefit from various innovative testing solutions. To keep abreast of best practices, we continuously review industry standards and requirements in an effort to afford clients access to newly developed test methods or solutions. We strive to continuously provide in-house and subcontracted training for all levels of personnel to facilitate the personal growth of individuals who in turn can further contribute to the sustainable growth of the Testall organisation.