Prep for your Interview Common Questions

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Prep for your Interview Common Questions

Congratulations! If you have stumbled upon this blog, you have likely bagged a job interview! Great news. Now, the preparation begins. As the age old saying goes, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.  This is why it is so important to take time out ahead of a job interview and be sure you are well equipped for whatever question may come your way!

The typical questions are always going to arise when doing your research and the likelihood is, they will also be asked. Yet, it is all too common that people go into an interview and freeze, so preparing answers in advance is recommended.

Every job is different and therefore, every interview is different. However, we have penned some of the more common questions that you may be asked and provided some tips on how to ace your answer!

Tell me about yourself

The obvious one, that is almost guaranteed to be asked - ‘Tell me about yourself’. This is one to be careful of. Yes, it is important to portray your personality when in an interview, but it is important not to get too personal and overshadow your professional persona.

Why do you want to work in this job?

Do your research! Organisations will be able to pinpoint exactly how much you have prepared for your interview based on this question alone. Also, be honest, why do you want to work in this job? If your answer is true to you, it will be both memorable and unique. You don’t want to sound like every other applicant.

Passion is a very admirable trait and companies will be looking out for individuals who exude enthusiasm for a particular role. When asked this question, begin your answer with how the role relates to your interests, strengths and career goals. It is also beneficial if you point out a few areas within the role that you would excel in and link these to your interests.

Do you admire the company? Tell them. Doing this will not only impress the interviewer, it will also showcase the research you have done and allow you to point out the areas of the company that you relate to.

Why should we hire you?

The dream question, this is your shot! This question gives you the opportunity to tell the interviewer everything you haven’t got to so far. Use this question to sell yourself, you are the perfect fit for the role, you are willing to learn new skills and the company culture aligns with everything you stand for!

What can you offer our company?

This question is one with many layers. Yes, it is an opportunity to tell them about your background and skillsets but it also gives you the opportunity to share what you know about the company.

If you have read the job specification carefully, you should be able to pull out keywords and phrases to link to your answer.

What is your greatest strength?

People often get carried away with this question, listing off as many strengths they can think of. Yes, it is great that you have so many strengths but they might not all be relevant to the role.

Think carefully about what strengths you obtain that will perfectly suit the role you are being interviewed for. Employers will appreciate well thought out answers that can be illustrated with examples from previous roles. Doing this will enforce credibility and leave a lasting impression.

What is your greatest weakness?

A question we all dread to hear in an interview. How do you answer it successfully is the age old question… you can’t start listing flaws but equally, you cant just say you have none. There is a fine line between the two and it is important to place yourself perfectly in that position.

For example; you could explain a skillset you find difficult and explain how you are working to better yourself. Maybe you struggle with your ability to speak out in a group setting. Hence, you are making a conscious effort to be in an uncomfortable group setting to familiarise yourself with the situation and get more confident.

Research specific job-related questions

So you are being interviewed for a marketing executive role? Great. Be sure to do your research on the specific role and be prepared for all potential queries.

Luckily, the internet has a whole host of specific role interview questions, so you can be well equipped, no matter how niche the industry.

The overall lesson when preparing for a job interview is to do your research, plan your answers and practice at home before the big day. Equally, be sure to showcase your personality in your interview. Employers want to be able to see the confidence and enthusiasm that you are talking about in your answer, don’t get so distracted that you fail to perform on the day.

Employers know you are nervous, don’t panic!

Interviews are nerve-wracking and often extremely daunting. Yet, it is important to remember that the interviewer is also likely nervous. Take a deep breath and use this opportunity to sell yourself.

If you are unsuccessful in the role, you have still gained invaluable interview experience that will be beneficial for applications to come.

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