Job benefits candidates are looking for in 2022

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We are living in a new workplace era. There is a demand for a work/life balance more than ever before. Job seekers place massive consideration on the job benefits when applying to roles. Hence, it is important that recruiters stay up to date with the current trends, promoting their business as a modern, innovative and considerate workforce.

Need to update your job benefits? We have you covered with trending perks in 2022.

Good holiday allowance

A work/life balance is so important in the modern day. It is important that employers take a considerate approach towards their staff by providing a generous holiday allowance.

Taking a break is so important, providing benefits across the board. From reducing stress, to recharging your batteries and motivating future projects, time off is extremely important.

Generous holidays are a massive advantage for job seekers and often play a pivotal role in the decision to apply for a job. Hence, it is important to consider this when employers are deciding on their job allowance and it is equally crucial to promote this when recruiting.

Wellbeing Program

Mental health is a crucially important consideration in a workforce today. An organisation should hold the wellbeing of their staff in top priority. Hence, the incorporation of a wellbeing committee is key.

From wellness initiatives, team bonding and providing areas for quiet working, it is the simple things that make all the difference in the way in which your staff feel whilst at work. It is important that employees feel valued and respected by their bosses.

Flexible working

We were delighted to see the light at the end of the tunnel post pandemic. Although things have considerably returned to normal, there have been a few changes that will stick in the future.

The introduction of working from home has been a huge success for some professionals. Depending on your industry, the option to work from home may be extremely beneficial for both employee productivity and happiness. Many organisations have returned to the office through a hybrid approach. This approach allows staff the flexibility to work in a balanced environment.

Birthday Off Work

It is the simple things in life… like your birthday off work. Annual leave is a precious package and often we allocate this to important days such as appointments, family holidays and trips. Due to the calculated allocation of our time off, we often neglect the celebration of our birthday. What better way to celebrate your employees than giving them a complementary day off work for their birthday?

Payday lunch

The best day of the month… payday! Celebrate in style by treating your team to a payday lunch. Motivating your team comes in all shapes and sizes. Your team will greatly appreciate the acknowledgement for all of their hard work and this will further motivate performance for the month ahead. Having something to look forward to is the key to success within the workplace.

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